146th Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health

The Air Force Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health vision is to be a world leader in ESOH management -- to provide better care for our Airmen and our environment -- to meet our mission in air, space, and cyberspace. In pursuit of this vision, it is important for you to understand our three ESOH priorities:
· Comply: First and foremost, we must comply with all ESOH legal obligations. Every Airman must know and comply with the laws, instructions, and policies that apply to their work, Commanders will fund all ESOH legal obligations and requirements necessary for compliance or request assistance from higher headquarters.
· Reduce risk: Effective ESOH risk management will ensure each of us remain a contributor to our mission as well as safeguard our natural and manmade resources. Every Airman must understand the hazards associated with their work and take action to protect themselves, their fellow Airmen, and the environment.
· Continuously improve: We seek a culture of continuous ESOH improvement. Every Airman must constantly seek to minimize ESOH risks and to improve the way we all contribute to the mission.


The 146th Environmental Management Office is responsible for planning, programming, and implementing the installation's environmental protection programs in support of wing and host requirements at Channel Islands Air National Guard Station, Calif. Click here for environmental policy letter


Responsible to the Commander for implementing the Air Force Safety Program. Evaluates the management, implementation, and effectiveness of this program within the Command. Provides council to the Commander, Command Staff, and Field Commanders on all flight, ground, systems, and weapons safety matters. Serves as the focal point for all safety issues.

Occupational Health

Provide operational health risk assessment expertise to enhance commander decision making and health service support capabilities.