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Welcome to the education benefits resource page, designed to assist current 146th Airlift Wing members connect with information and resources that will assist with school and training benefits made available. Check back periodically for updates to specific programs and assistance such as the Wing Association's scholarships and tuition assistance information. 

ANG Federal Tuition Assistance BETA Program

Cal Guard College Benefits

First, understand the difference between GRANTS and SCHOLARSHIPS. Although Scholarships are awarded to successful students, most are merit based, and some require you to pay them back so they become just another student loan. Be careful what benefits you utilize to avoid any penalties. The advice listed will notify you in case of anything of the sort.

FASFA (Federal Student Aid)- You want to utilize FASFA as early as possible, especially in pursuing your Associates Degree. If you wait till later in your career you they pay less due to your annual income, also if you already have an associate’s degree, (CCAF counts) they pay you less. Best to utilize this before any other resource. FASFA requires you to provide your tax income information and can take up to six months to qualify but the pay goes directly into your bank account to assist with books and any other college expenses. You can apply for FASFA by accessing their website at  Again you do NOT have to pay FASFA awards back!

BOG WAIVER aka CALIFORNIA COLLEGE PROMISE GRANT (COMMUNITY COLLEGES INCLUDING VENTURA COLLEGE)- This is ONLY for community colleges located within California. Some online colleges apply as well. This is utilized in conjunction with FASFA. This grant waives enrollment fees for the classes. Application and other information can be found at

California Military Department GI Bill Award Program (formerly the California National Guard Education Assistance Award Program)– The CMD GI Bill issues educational awards to qualifying members of the California Army or Air National Guard, California State Guard, and the California Naval Militia. This State Grant can pay for up to 100% of the tuition and fees at a University of California, California State University, or a California Community College. It can also be used for eligible California proprietary and private institutions. Information can be found at

CLEPS/ DANTES- Military have a very busy schedule, with PME and CBT’s taking up so much time, CLEPS and DANTES were created to shorten the timeline towards your degree. Rather than attending Fulltime School you can take a single test on a subject for the credits. Most military bases education center will proctor the tests, although community colleges may proctor them as well but can have a small fee attached for the off base proctor. The military will pay for ONE test on a subject and it does NOT hurt your GPA if you fail. If you do fail and need to retake the test you will be responsible for the fee (usually $80).  Not all subjects are covered under CLEPS/DANTES so do these early on to get your core subjects out of the way? The more advanced the course the less likely it will be to find a CLEP that covers it. There are online resources and prep tests to prepare you for the exams. Find more information for what courses there are, and pass/fail rates at your local college.

146TH STEVEN FRIEDRICKS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM- E6 and below, our wing is gracious enough to select a few students who apply and go through the brief application process (with a letter from the commander stating they support this troops goals). The Scholarship is usually $500 to use towards books and supplies. To apply contact the information coordinator Tony Volante at (805) 984-8066.

If you get a state fulltime AGR position utilize air force Military TA! – This is entirely separate from your G.I. Bill. Up to $4,500 per year can be utilized to pay for courses 100% covered. You need a 2.0 for your associates and 3.0 GPA in higher graduate studies. In October of this year, ALL guardsmen will be qualified for Tuition Assistance. This is the biggest advancement in school resources for the National Guard in recent years.

YOUR GI BILL!- This is dependent on your individual contract, whether or not you have the active duty or the National Guard G.I. Bill is dependent on your contract. For California residents living in Ventura and surrounding areas, you most likely want to utilize the POST 9/11 if it is available to you vs the Chapter 33 Montgomery GI bill, as the cost of living allowance is substantially more. Also, check with the education manager if you qualify for the “Kicker” which grants you an additional $500 per check (roughly) You really want to utilize your G.I. Bill last, as it can be used towards any degree (including Masters or PHD.) specifically after all the other resources have been exhausted. Most of the other options on this list can’t be used once you make “X” amount of dollars, or once you have a Bachelors these options won’t apply to you. G.I. Bill will always be an option for you in most cases. Some people exhausts their G.I. Bill going to a community college and not even ending with a Bachelor’s degree. Masters Degrees are much more expensive, and eat more of your G.I. Bill funds.

FOREVER GI BILL- New stipulations from the President Trump administrations remove the time frame from the G.I. Bill so you are no longer on a time limit. They make up from this difference by fixing a loop hole previously used. The loop hole worked as follows. Example, let’s say you live in Bakersfield CA, but you’re going to Phoenix College that has a small In Residents School representative in your city. Your school’s primary Campus is located in Phoenix and Phoenix AZ has a higher BAH rate than Bakersfield so students would effectively be making a profit by attending the school. The Forever GI Bill now bases your BAH rate on your residence rather than the location of a distant school. Also there is an overall 1% reduction in housing benefits over the course of the next 5 years that comes with this change.

CARES ACT- the CARES Act Emergency Relief Grant is one-time funding divided between eligible graduate/professional students and undergraduate students based on the percentage of enrollment. Awards will be distributed to eligible undergraduate students based on need as determined by the 2019-20 FAFSA with an emphasis on providing additional support to the neediest populations. To apply, you must first be enrolled in FASFA, and then coordinate your request through your school.

*NOTE YOUR GRADES DO MATTER* Although none of the benefits listed have a GPA requirement, future benefits may, as well as enrollment into most Masters Programs.

Rising 6 Application

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Hollywood Rising Six Executive Staff Elections EXTENDED!!

  • September Elections for October 2020 Hand-off
  • Please see attached applications and position descriptions
  • Email application and question to for review NLT 25 September.

Mock Board Sign-ups!

  • Need experience either being boarded or as board member?
    • Please send an email for the HR6 organization box ( ) with the following information:
    • Identify if you’re willing to participate in a mock board as a board member or as the person being boarded.
      • What you will need:
        • Last EPR, Biography (nothing formal, just a quick tidbit explaining who you are), copy of your RIP.
        • Availability times
        • Identify if DSG or Full time
  • Board members needed for Mock Boards!
    • Gain experience
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As always, if you would like to contribute, please send an email to the HR6 organization box ( ) and let us know your thoughts, suggestions and ideas!



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Steven Friedricks Scholarship Applications

The Steven Friedricks Scholarship Fund for the 146th Wing Association is a fund set up to contribute to the education of our 146th Airlift Wing (AW) enlisted members grades E6 and below.  The 146th Wing Association Scholarship Committee will make the selection. 

You may apply for the scholarship by mailing the completed application, and a transcript or proof of acceptance to a college, university or trade school and a letter from your Commander indicating the member is in good standing.

Scholarship application deadline for 2020 is 15 September 2020.  

Click Here to download the application requirements letter

Click Here to download the application form

Please send applications to


How to update information if AFVEC

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