The first step in your Air National Guard career is to take advantage of our up-to-date training using some of the most modern equipment and techniques available. If you have not previously served in the military, you'll attend Air Force Basic Training (Boot Camp) at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Afterwards you'll receive the same world-class technical training that all Air Force members receive at one of our modern technical training centers. Take a look at what you get when you let the Air National Guard prepare you for your career:

1. 80 different career fields to choose from.
2. Aptitude testing to help you find the field that fulfills your interests, abilities, and goals.
3. Cutting edge training using the most up-to-date equipment and facilities.
4. Receive college credit for all of your Air National Guard training.
5. Receive a full salary as well as room and board while in training.

And since the Air National Guard is part-time, once your training is completed, you'll be able put your training to use right away to get a well-paying civilian job, or use your Air National Guard education benefits to help pay for college.