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Careers Available at the 146th Airlift Wing

Air Operations

1COX2 - Airfield Operations

1C3X1 - Command and Control

1COX1 - Scheduling

1COX2 - Flight Records

Aircraft Maintenance

2R1X1 - Maintenance Scheduling

2A1X7 - Electronic Warfare Systems

2A5X1J - C130 Aircraft Flightline Maintenance

2A6X1B - Turbo Prop Jet Engine Mechanic

2A7X4 - Fabrication/Parachute Equipment

2A7X1 - Machine Shop/Welding

2A7X3 - Structural Repair/Corrosion

2A7X2 - Non-Destructive Inspection

2A6X2 - Aerospace Ground Equipment

2A5X1J - Repair and Reclamation

2A6X4 - Fuel Systems

2A6X5 - Pneudraulics

2A6X6 - Environmental and Electrical

2A1X2 - Guidance and Control Systems

2A1X3 - Communication & Navigation Systems

2ROX1 - Maintenance Systems Analyist


2GOX1 - Logistics Plans Specialist

2WOX1 - Munitions Storage

2SOX1 - Supplies/Storage/Distribution

2SOX2 - Supply Systems Analyst

2FOX1 - Fuels Storage and Distribution

2TOX1 - Transportation

2T1X1 - Vehicle Operations / Dispatcher

2T3XO - Special Purpose Vehicle Maintenance

2T3X1 - Special Purpose Vehicle Equipment Specialist

2T3X2B - Refueling Vehicle Maintenance

2T2X1 - Air Transportation Specialist

6COX1 - Contracting


2E1X3 - Ground Radio Communications

2E1X4 - Audio/Visual Maintenance

2E2X1 - Computer Maintenance

2E3X1 - Secure Comm Systems

3COX1 - Computer Systems Operators

3C1X1 - Radio Communications Systems

3C3X1 - Computer Systems Planning

3VOX1 - Computer Graphics

3VOX2 - Photography

3VOX3 - Visual Information Production

Civil Engineering

3E2X1 - Pavements/Equipment Operators

3E5X1 - Engineering/Environmental Planning

3E6X1 - Production Control

3E9X1 - Disaster Preparedness

3E3X1 - Structural Specialist

3E4X1 - Utilities Systems

3E1X1 - Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

3EOX1 - Interior and Exterior Electricians

3EOX2 - Electrical Power Production

3E4X2 - Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance

3E4X3 - Pest Management


4A2X1 - Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

4AOX1 - Medical Administration and Records

4ROX1 - Radiology

4TOX1 - Clinical Lab

4NOX1 - Emergency Medical Services

4BOX1 - Bioenvironmental Engineering

4A1X1 - Medical Materials

4FOX1 - Aeromedical

4EOX1 - Public Health

4YOX1 - Dental Clinic

4POX1 - Pharmacy


6FOX1 - Accounting and Finance

6F1X1 - Financial Analyst


1SOX1 - Ground Safety

1T1X1 - Aircrew Life Support

1NOX1 - Intelligence

1WOX1- Weather Specialist

3MOX1 - Food Service & Morale, Welfare and Recreation

3NOX1 - Public Affairs

3POX1 - Security Police

3POX1B - Combat Arms Training

3S1X1A - Social Actions

3S2X1 - Education Services

3SOX1 - Personnel Specialist

3SOX2 - Personnel Systems Management

3AOX1 - Information Management

5JOX1 - Legal Services

5ROX1 - Chaplain's Assistant