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  • Careers

    We have 80 different careers to choose from, enough to satisfy virtually everyone's interests, abilities, or goals. Some of our more popular career fields are aircraft maintenance, weather observation, clerical, medical technician, food service, computer maintenance and military police. These are just a few of our careers. Click here to see a
  • Careers Available at the 146th Airlift Wing

    Air Operations1COX2 - Airfield Operations1C3X1 - Command and Control1COX1 - Scheduling1COX2 - Flight RecordsAircraft Maintenance2R1X1 - Maintenance Scheduling2A1X7 - Electronic Warfare Systems2A5X1J - C130 Aircraft Flightline Maintenance2A6X1B - Turbo Prop Jet Engine Mechanic2A7X4 - Fabrication/Parachute Equipment2A7X1 - Machine Shop/Welding2A7X3 -