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  • The 146th Airlift Wing’s Logistics Readiness Squadron stands out nationally

    The 146th Airlift Wing's Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) has been receiving national notoriety, setting Air Force-wide records and winning more than four national awards and a combined ten individual and unit awards over the last year! History was made as 146AW members assigned to the 774th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron in Afghanistan helped
  • 146th Airlift Wing lends helping hand to Skid Row Mission in Los Angeles

    An entire ISU 90 container filled with more than 60 bags of clothes and shoes donated by the members of the 146th Airlift Wing was delivered to the Los Angeles Rescue Mission on Skid Row last month. Members from the 146th Airlift Wing delivered the donated goods directly to the mission on Sept. 16, led by Chief Master Sgt. Rick Onsgard and Senior
  • Lofty Goalz for 146AW Airman

    Tech. Sgt. Mike Muller of the 146th Airlift Wing is responsible for initiating "Camp Goalz," a camp where young athletes come together with military mentors for a three-day look at life's values and the value of goals.Muller has volunteered much of his time to forming the camp's foundation and purpose. He stresses the importance of goals and the
  • 146th AW Year in Review

    The 146th Airlift Wing concluded another year filled with historical milestones and sensational achievements: continuing to fight the war on terrorism overseas, combating wildfires at home, and setting new flying safety records January 2007 marked the end of another long chapter in the wing's history as the last of the Channel Islands C-130s
  • 302nd AEG conducts its 21st day of California wild fire support

    Aircraft and firefighters from the 302nd Air Expeditionary Group began their 21st day of aerial firefighting support missions July 16 in a coordinated effort to control wildfires in California. On July 15, aerial assets of the 302nd AEG did not perform aerial firefighting missions due limited visibility over the fires. The 302nd Airlift Wing from
  • C-130s continue aerial firefighting operations in California

    Aircraft from the 302nd Air Expeditionary Group continued aerial firefighting support missions July 5 in a coordinated effort to control wildfires in California. C-130 Hercules aircraft flew 25 sorties in approximately 50 flight hours. Twelve sorties flew to the Goleta, or Gap, fire located approximately six miles northwest of Santa Barbara and
  • Fire retardant reload operations moved to Channel Islands

    The 302nd Air Expeditionary Group moved some critical fire retardant reloading equipment to the Channel Islands Air National Guard Station July 8 to increase the efficiency of modular airborne firefighting systems-equipped C-130 Hercules in battling wildfires in California. The purpose for setting up a reload operation at Channel Islands ANGS is to
  • Air Force aerial firefighters train in New Mexico

    C-130 Hercules aircraft dotted the sky over central New Mexico April 30 through May 2 as 300 Airmen prepared to help fight wild land fires that may break out this year.Cibola National Forest officials and Airmen from Air Force Reserve Command's 302nd Airlift Wing based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., hosted the annual training and