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146th and 340th Bravo Company participate in JRSOI practice run

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ashley Moore
  • 146AW
Members of the Bravo Company 340th Base Support Battalion out of Atascadero, Calif. traveled down the California coast to the 146th Airlift Wing in Port Hueneme as part of a joint readiness exercise training on March 1. The exercise titled Joint Reception Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (JRSOI) is practice for a larger exercise to be held in June that will assist with in-processing military members for joint missions and natural disasters.

Dozens of military vehicles that held more than 40 Soldiers arrived at the gates of the 146th and traveled through the base towards the flight line to rest and refuel. HMMWV'S and cargo trucks parked near the hangar, while Soldiers piled out and stood professionally at parade rest awaiting further instructions, seemingly unaffected by the pouring rain. Airmen worked quickly to refuel their vehicles and sent the Soldiers down the line further to where they were briefed and fed.
Major General Keith D. Jones, commander of the 40th Infantry Division in Los Alamitos, was present to observe the small scale test run. Jones greeted the Soldiers in the downpour and thanked them all for their efforts before they made their way inside the air terminal to rest and get a reception brief by 146th staff.

"The JRSOI will improve our state's readiness in the event of an actual disaster," said Col. Brian Kelly, 146th Airlift Wing Vice Commander. "It's important that we practice like this together with our Army Guard counterparts, as this is how we would respond in the event of an earthquake or any large-scale catastrophic event."

The intent of this exercise is to simulate the reception and in-processing of military members from other bases coming to one location for a joint operation. Soldiers arrived on base where they were 'in-processed' to the 146th, given lunch and briefed on the layout of the base and local areas. Soldiers would then work side by side with the Airmen of the 146th to accomplish any joint mission to include riot control or natural disaster relief assistance.

The exercise was a small scale practice run for a larger more thorough exercise to be held here in June. That exercise will have nearly 500 personnel with more than 50 vehicles included in the convoy. These personnel will then proceed to an even larger exercise at Camp Roberts involving more than 8000 Army Reserve and Army Guard personnel.