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CNG Adjutant General visits 146th AW

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ashley Ramirez
  • 146AW
Newly appointed Adjutant General Major General David S. Baldwin made a visit to the 146th Airlift Wing here at Channel Islands Air National Guard Station on October 1 and 2, 2011. His visit is the first to the wing were he learned all the base' s capabilities and wing strength.
During his visit to the 146th, Baldwin took a tour of the base and every squadron in operations. He made his way from Security Forces to Medical, Aerospace Maintenance to Air Terminal Operations. During his brief with Emergency Management, Baldwin was introduced to a number of outstanding Airmen from that unit, including their newest member Airman 1st Class Betsaida Castellanos. Perhaps the newest member of the 146th, Airman Castellanos returned from tech school on Sept. 25, 2011. She has been a graduated member of the unit no more than a week.
As Baldwin made his way through each unit, learning what it is that the members of vehicle maintenance do and what kind of training is conducted in the propulsions shop, he made sure to shake hands and speak with every Airman he passed by. "What's your name? So how long have you been at this unit?" were only some of the questions he asked as he roamed the hallways of every building on base. Baldwin was eager to know what it was that each Airman did and how they liked being here at the 146th. While walking through the Aerospace Maintenance Squadron, Baldwin had an impromptu meet and greet with most of the members on the squadron. He told all members to fall out of their ranks and just gather around while he expressed his gratitude for their service and explained his expectations for all members of the California National Guard.
"Always live the warrior ethos," Baldwin said when listing his four major expectations for Airmen and Soldiers. "Take care of each other, do your job and do it well."
Baldwin went on further to state that we [Guard members] need to take the offensive when it comes to our growth. Continue to move forward on all levels, junior and senior enlisted as well as officers and always make sure everyone is living up to the Air Force and California National Guard standard of excellence, he said.

The following is an outline of what Gen. Baldwin's key messages were to our troops:

Maintain a Warrior Ethos. Each service member in our organization has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of California. I expect each of us to embrace that responsibility and to respond aggressively, selflessly and with technical and tactical competence during both state emergencies and contingency operations abroad. Regardless of rank or position, I expect leaders to lead. Regardless of circumstance or task, I expect us to win. This profession requires sacrifices for which there are no substitutes. Take pride in that pursuit.

Demonstrate Selfless Service. Service is a privilege. The price of admission for serving and leading in this force is trust and accountability. Our elected officials and their constituents have placed trust in us with the expectation that we will act with their best interests in mind. Sound leadership and internal controls will be the primary tools for reinforcing that trust and maintaining the integrity of our organization. The dividends of our service are not monetary; they are freedom and the safety of the citizens of this great State and Nation.

Act on Soldier and Airman Care. We must be a Soldier and Airman-centric organization. Our people are a unique value proposition to the State and Nation. Leaders at all levels exist to ensure Soldiers and Airmen are trained and ready when called. Everything we do must be grounded in this principle. Our civil service teammates are absolutely vital to our organization and an integral part of our ability to respond to our local communities and to secure our homeland. We must also capitalize on the diversity our organization and continue to grow in that regard. As we do, we must mentor and identify our future senior leaders.

Adopt a Future Focus. We must be predictive, adaptive and flexible. The demands on our team and the environments where we operate are dynamic and unforgiving. We must establish and promulgate a strategic vision that sets conditions for what we expect the organization to look like over the long term. We must then apply the necessary leadership and focus to measure performance objectives to ensure the department is on the right trajectory to achieve that vision.