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Hollywood Guard commander releases her priorities

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Nieko Carzis
  • 146th Airlift Wing

Mere months after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and within the first months serving as the 146th Airlift Wing's new commander, Col. Lisa A. Nemeth gathers a crowd of non-commission officers (NCOs) during a commander's call to begin delivering her priorities. 

Mission readiness, force development, and taking care of airmen throughout. 

Standing in front of a backdrop of mountainous terrain affixed with the wing's flagship aircraft, the C-130J, Nemeth introduces herself. She then addresses the socially distant crowd sitting in front of her with a question.

"What has been our mission in 2020?" asks Nemeth.

The crowd of NCOs is quiet. Then, finally, Nemeth gives them a clue.  

"It's one word," said Nemeth. 

A few moments pass before someone in the crowd answers, "Everything!"

Nemeth smiles and repeats their answer in agreeance. 

For the 146th Airlift Wing and its members assigned to COVID-19 pandemic relief missions, the variety of tasks from the state of California had been unprecedented. Nevertheless, whatever relief efforts California needed from the 146th Airlift Wing, the wing's Airmen evolved to meet those challenges.  

So much so that in 2021, the wing would go on to accept the Maj. Gen. Stanley F.H. Newman award. Recognizing the wing as the most outstanding Air National Guard wing contributing to the overall success of the Mobility Air Force mission. 

Nemeth highlights all of the wing's accomplishments while recognizing the hard work, declaring her gratitude to the crowd for their outstanding service. 

She re-iterates the importance of maintaining the wing's readiness, citing it as the essential factor for the wing's success while Airmen balanced their federal and state missions throughout the pandemic.

"The first thing we do is we train and prepare for our federal mission. Then we have our state mission, and right now, that is everything, and whatever (our state) happens to need," said Nemeth. 

"That really is how the National Guard is being used throughout the country," Nemeth adds.

Nemeth begins to list the plethora of missions her Airmen have delivered to the state, while declaring her expectations with the crowd. 

"We keep ourselves ready, we expect the unexpected, and we roll with it. Then, we get out there and do what we are asked to do," said Nemeth.

Nemeth highlights her desires for her last two priorities during her final remarks to the crowd. First, emphasizing the importance for Airmen to seek development outside their standard methods and the importance of taking care of the wing's Airmen. 

"We want to develop you as leaders. Hopefully, you have learned how to be a good follower. Now we need you to gain a broader perspective. Not just for our micro mission's with C-130's, but to understand what is going on in the broader world," said Nemeth. 

"What tools can we give you to place in your toolbox so you can adapt to any situation you find yourself in?" said Nemeth. 

In her final statement, she has clarified her final priority as the third, but not least, or last.

"Taking care of Airmen throughout. That does NOT mean it is number 3; it is throughout! I will make sure you are all treated with dignity and respect while I am here," said Nemeth.

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